You are just a few steps away froM creating your own TV network!


We highly recommend taking 15 minutes of your time and learn all of the STEPS below well. Pay attention to the TIPS! :) You are about to build your own online television network and, like with any big platform, it is essential to learn it first, to properly utilize it for your success and benefits.  Buckle up and enjoy the ride! It is easy and fun! 


First, get to know the core elements of the platform by visiting the HOW TO area  ( It has video tutorials and an essential introduction to the main parts of the platform.  

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Unless your channel is created already, create a channel. The button to create a channel can be found either in a navigation menu (located in the top left corner of the website) or in the "My Network" area. Click on the CREATE CHANNEL button and follow the steps in the form.

Essential Tips:

a. Make sure to complete all requirements, including adding an avatar for the channel, language, category, etc.

b. Do not use any special characters in your channel name or in the description. Use letters and/or digits only. The length of the channel name should not exceed 20 characters, including spaces. The length of the description should not exceed 300 characters, including spaces. It is recommended to not add a description during the channel creation. You can always add a description later. 

c. When CREATE is clicked, please wait 10-15 seconds, once the creation process is completed. 

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Once the channel is created, go to the Production Studio of your channel (the link to it is on the menu).  This your main working area! Follow Sam, our "tour guy" to introduce yourself to the core elements of this page. You can also watch a short tutorial video, a link to which is located on top of it.


a. Pay attention to the ADVANCED MODE option below the INSTANT SCHEDULE button. We recommend switching it ON and activate the calendar for the custom schedule.

b. To add the video content to your channel library, click on GET NEW VIDEOS button. Then, you can either search for the best HD-quality videos from the top video platforms by keywords or import them by URL. 

c. The CALENDAR is clickable. Select the day, for which you wish to create a TV program. You can use "Instant Schedule" or "Custom Schedule" options for any selected day.  

d. Once the start time of the TV program is selected for a day ("Custom Schedule"), click on the "+" (appears on mouseover) of the video or use the drag-n-drop option to create a custom TV program. Click PUBLISH to publish it. 

e. If you wish to preview your channel on, simply click the PLAY icon on the channel avatar.

f. Remember, you are building a TV channel. Once videos are added to your video library, they have to be scheduled for the broadcast on a certain day and time. The time of broadcast will be the same for any part of the world, meaning if it is scheduled for 7pm, then it will broadcast at 7pm in New York and at 7pm in Tokyo on the scheduled day.  

Tip: Turn an AUTOPILOT ON for the automatic scheduling for the following day. 


4. EMBED A CHANNEL ON YOUR WEBSITE (based on paid subscription).

 a. Go to the channel settings by clicking on a gear icon next to the channel name in the Production studio. 

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b. Turn the "Embed this channel on my website" ON and complete all needed and permitted fields in that form. Make sure to correctly place the root domain of your website, where the channel is going to be embedded. It must be in the form of "" or "".  Once done, click UPDATE, to save the settings. 


a. Check how your website URL appears in the browser. If it has WWW in it, then it has to be in the channel settings form, in the URL/domain field in order for our system to recognize it and make the broadcast appear on your site. The WWW is considered a subdomain by the web. In other words, the entire URL where the feed will be played should be in the channel settings form. 

b. Do not manually type your site domain in the URL field of the channel settings form. Instead, copy your website URL from the web browser as it appears there, and then paste an EXACT copy in the Domain/URL filed of each channel settings. Click UPDATE to save the changes.

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c. The embed code of your DEFAULT (main) channel should be copied from the channel settings form and then placed on your website, where you need it.


d. If you want to keep the TV program being always visible to your audience and let them easily switch between your channels, then turn the "Keep TV Guide Open" option ON. Once done, click UPDATE, to save the settings. Make sure to add enough space in a desktop and a mobile view area to keep the GUIDE open below the screen for all channels. 

e. MULTIPLE CHANNELS EMBEDDING. Only the code of the DEFAULT (main) channel shall be physically embedded on your website. In order for other channels to appear in the same TV guide, their embedding settings should be activated and set up in the same way as a default channel, but without physical embedding of the code on your site. It is also important that all channels have exactly the same URL in their channel settings as a default one. Make sure that the URL is copied from the browser and not manually typed.


f.  MULTIPLE PRIVATE VIDEO FORMATS.  Professional plan and Professional Plus plan users can now add more video types to their channels as direct video links (private, pre-recorded videos):

- Facebook videos

- Twitch videos

- Streamable videos

- videos in .m3u8 format

- .mp4, .mpd, .ogv, .m2u8, webm formats

Details on how to add private videos can be found in the HOW TO area  (

5. BROADCAST YOUR TV NETWORK ON ROKU  (based on Professional PLUS subscription).




Now, you can create an entire TV network on ROKU and have your own, white-label Roku app. You can also add Roku Advertising Framework (RAF) to it and monetize it on Roku! This Roku app capability is a part of a newly added Professional Plus package, which also comes with a 100 channels option. 

Please note that if you add your channel to the Roku app, the channel should either have Vimeo videos or direct videos links in .m3u8 or .mp4 formats. Roku does not allow YouTube or Dailymotion videos.


roku app-7.20.21-2.jpg

Essential Tips

1.  LONG VIDEOS VS. SHORT ONES. We recommend adding long videos (longer than 20 min) to the channel. This way, it will be easier to create a Custom Schedule. Additionally, their titles will be visible in the GUIDE (the short videos are grouped in the GUIDE as "assorted videos").


2. RESTRICTED BY PROVIDER. If the video is restricted by the video provider or video owner, it will show a message  - "Restricted By Provider". Such videos cannot be added to the channel. Please select another one in this case. Sometimes, the video can become "Restricted by Provider" later. Simply delete it from the library.  

3. AUTOPILOT. Turn the Autopilot ON. If you forget to create a schedule, it will randomly create it for you, at 11am, Central Time, for the following day.


4. PAYMENTS FOR THE PAID SUBSCRIPTIONS. Our system and your account are heavily connected to Paypal and your selected payment method. Please make sure that your Paypal account or a credit card has enough balance to cover the subscription cost on the due date in order to continue the service at the end of the billing cycle, without interruption. 

5. QUESTIONS. If you have any questions, please contact us at We are always just an email away from you and are ready to assist!

(You will be redirected to the Home page. Please login, create channel & go to your Production Studio to start)