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Strimm Mobile App Features & Benefits

  1. A downloadable app for iOS & Android, featuring your channels only

  2. Access more eyeballs by letting your viewers watch your TV anywhere and at anytime with one click 

  3. A stylish & professional look

  4. A TV guide below a preview screen with time stamp and all of your applicable channels 

  5. Real-time broadcast according to your schedule on Strimm.

  6. Capability for the app owner (you) to customize the colors of the theme on the app dashboard, on Strimm

  7. Capability for the app owner (you) to change the order/position of the channels in the app at any time. 

  8. Capability for the viewer to easily switch between channels.

  9. Capability for the viewer to add any channel to the “Favorites”.

  10. Capability for the viewer to save any current or future show in the "Watch Later" area to watch it anytime later

  11. Capability for the viewer to get information about the current and the future shows by simply clicking on them.

  12. Capability for the viewer to custom-change the color of the theme for themselves only

  13. Capability for the viewer to change time format from 12-hour clock to 24-hour clock (U.S. or European format

  14. Capability for the viewer to search for the channels and currently broadcasting shows by the keyword or a category

  15. Filter channels by the language

  16. Show your logo or brand.

  17. Show information about your company 

  18. Show links to your Website, Social Media profiles & Policies to get an additional awareness of your brand


General Requirements To Get Started


  1. Developer's accounts for Android ( ) and COMPANY (organization) account for iOS ( )

  2. An active Professional Plus Subscription on

  3. Logo/Avatar images in exact size and format.


Please note that the majority of the mobile app installation steps below come directly from Google and Apple. Please contact their support directly, if there are any questions related to their integration requirements. 




Before you start

  1. Make sure to have an active Professional Plus subscription on to activate a Mobile App feature.

  2. Create or select the first channel on Strimm that you want to add to the Mobile App.

  3. Allow your Strimm TV channel to be embedded on your website, even if you are not planning to add this channel to your site. If you do not have a website, place in the URL/domain field, as a placeholder. The Mobile App is an ADD-ON feature, which is directly connected to the website embedding settings.  Please follow detailed instructions on the channel embedding setup here:  and

  4. Supported video formats: YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion or direct video links, like in .m3u8 (HLS) or .mp4 formats, which can play in the embedded Strimm TV player on your website.

  5. Once the default channel is setup and is added to the mobile apps, the new Strimm channels can be added or removed to/from the mobile apps at any time later.

  6. You do not need to re-publish a new mobile app to add one or more channels. Channels will appear in the published app after adding them to the app in the App settings (for mobile app) of your Strimm account.


Setup on

Click on the "App Settings" link in the Production Studio of the channel that you want to add to your Mobile app. Select Mobile App Settings. Add the channel to the Mobile app. You should add at least one channel with videos in it to the Mobile app to generate the Mobile application.


strimm tv mobile app instructions -1.jpg
strimm tv mobile app instructions -2.jpg

Complete all required fields in the Mobile App Settings form:

strimm tv mobile app instructions -3-1.jpg

1. App name and App Slug

 a. App Name.

It is your Mobile App Title. It is the name of your entire TV Network on iOS and Android App and it may have multiple channels inside.  The applicable channels that you have in your Strimm account will appear there under their own names. This Mobile App title has to be unique. If it is not unique, Google or Apple may reject it. 

b. App Slug.

A slug is a short and unique reference to a resource such as an application. All in one word with all characters in small cases. It is a human-readable, unique identifier of an app. For example, your App name can be "Entertainment TV Network". The app slug will be "entertainmenttvnetwork"

2. Mobile App images

a. Logo.

Appears internally, in the top left corner of the mobile app screen. It can be eiter in square or rectangular shape. The rectangular shape is recommended.

Size: 55 X 55 px or 55 X 150 px, PNG only

b. Icon image 

Appears when app loads and in the search results of the app store.

Size: 1024 X 1024 px, PNG or JPG

Attention: Make sure to add a final version of the icon image here. Any future change of this icon will require a whole app zip file re-generation and the app re-install on iOS and Android. 


3. Customize your app look. Pick a color theme

a. Selection color.

Customize border color of the selected channel box, selected category button and some other buttons.


b. Background color.

Customize your entire theme color.


c. Header & footer color.

Customize color of the top and the bottom of the app.


d. Font color.

Customize font color of the main text.


4. About. It is a short brief about your app or company. Up to 330 characters, letters and digits only, no special characters.


5. Channel number. If you want to create an order of the channels in the app, you can enter it in the "Channel number" field. Make sure to avoid duplicating the same number to different channels to avoid error on your app. Otherwise, leave it blank and it will be assigned automatically (recommended).


6. Policies and Social Media. Enter links to your own policies and terms located on your own website or anywhere on the web, like on Google Docs. These are your policies and terms, not the Strimm ones. Some policies are optional and some are mandatory. If you have an FAQ page about your app and brand, it is recommended to add a link to it there as well. You can also add links to your Social Media accounts to advertise your brand.


7. Generate Your App File. Click "Generate App Zip File" once done and download a Zip file (Archive file). It will be used later in your Android and iOS accounts.

Please note that you make internal, minor changes after the app Zip file is generated, like the policy link change or a color theme, no new app generation is needed. You can simply "Update Changes" to make them updated in the app.



Would you like us to make an installation for you?  CLICK HERE to order an ADD-ON mobile app setup option. 



Enjoy your own linear TV network on MOBILE!


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