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With a "Sub-Lease Your Channel" ADDON option, an ADMIN can transfer (share) access to any of their channels to another user (a "Contributor" ), who has a Strimm account. It is also a good option to add other team members to manage your channels, without providing them with a full access to your own account. 


1. First, please make sure to have an active account on Strimm with a paid plan. The better your options are, the easier them to resell and more profit can be gained.


The person you share your channel with should also have an account on Strimm, though they do not have to have a paid account. They can simply sign up for a free account on Strimm or you can do it for them and provide them an access to that new account.  

2. Order a "Sublease Your Channel" option on the PRICING page, in the ADDON area. Based on the amount of channels you are planning to share, select either a Basic or a Premium plan. 

Lease-a-Channel- pricing.jpg

3. Get the preferred name of the channel from your client and create the channel with such name on your account. 

4. Click on "Sublease a Channel" button in your Production Studio of that shared channel, enter your client's email address that is registered on as their login email, select permissions and send an Invite. 

Lease-a-Channel- invitation.jpg

5. Ask your client or a team member to login to their own Strimm account, click on the notification bell in the top right corner of the site, next to their name, and then click on the invitation message.

Lease-a-Channel- invite notification.jpg

6. A popup will open with the details of the shared channel invitation and shared permissions. Have your client to accept it. 

Lease-a-Channel- invite details.jpg

7. Once the invitation is accepted, your shared channel will appear in your client's "Production Studio" and on their "My Network" page. They will have a permitted control over that channel and can start operating it right away.

Feel free to share a link with them with the instructions of how to operate a Strimm channel:  


You can see that channel in your account as well and help your client to operate it, if needed, due to an ADMIN control you have. You can also edit the shared channel control permissions from your side or remove the Contributor (your client or a team member). As long as your own paid embedding and "Sublease a Channel" plans are active, your client or a channel contributor can have the permitted control to your channel and its embedding features.

Questions? Feel free to contact Strimm support at 


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