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Congratulations! You are on the way to have a downloadable mobile app of your own TV Network for your viewers! 


a) An active subscription to the Strimm Mobile TV App is required.

b) Accounts on App Store and Play Market should be ready and paid for us to start the setup there.

Process: A setup of the mobile app is a pretty complicated process and may require many hours of manual work for each platform (iOS and Android). Once done, it should to be submitted for review to Apple App Store and Google Play Market.

The instructions can be viewed HERE


Please be advised that while we can do all the setup work "by the book", the approval and publishing by Google or Apple is not guaranteed and it depends on the niche the app is submitted to, app images/logos, video content and the app description. This information comes from the customer (you). In many times, the setup process may include communication with App Store or Play Market team to resubmit items or provide an additional information. We can handle most of that communication, unless we will need an additional information from you. 

Once the request for the setup and the payment are received from you, we will send you a form to complete. 

Please note that due to intensive manual work, once the the app is approved and published, even if you decide to cancel the recurring subscription with Strimm, the app setup one-time payment is non-refundable.  

Please allow around 5-10 business days to complete the setup from our side and 3-5 business days to get a response from App Store or Play Market. 

Let's get it started!

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