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Strimm Roku SDK App Features

  1. A stylish and a professional look.

  2. A TV guide below a screen, showing your various Roku TV channels & their daily program

  3. Built-in time stamp and a full-screen option.

  4. Real-time broadcast according to your schedule on Strimm.

  5. Capability for the viewer to easily switch between channels without leaving the app ( a "cable TV" style).

  6. Capability for the viewer to add any channel to the “Favorites”.

  7. Capability for the viewer to get information about the future shows by simply clicking on their title.

  8. Search for the channels and currently broadcasting shows

  9. Show your brand name and ABOUT info.

  10. Monetization capability thru integrated Roku Advertisement Framework (RAF)


roku tv1 (1).jpg

Applicable Video Format:

  1. Vimeo videos 

  2. Direct video links in .mp4 or .m3u8 formats



Roku is the largest smart operating system provider in the U.S., serving over 60 Million users in the U.S. alone!


Get Your Own Television Network On Roku Today!

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