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Strimm Fire TV App Features & Benefits

  1. A stylish, custom-branded app, featuring numerous of your channels, your whole TV network, in a single app.

  2. Access more eyeballs by letting your viewers watch your amazing channels on Fire TV, which is streaming to 50 Million+ households worldwide

  3. A TV guide below a screen with a time stamp and all of your applicable channels 

  4. Real-time broadcast according to your schedule on Strimm.

  5. Capability for the app owner (you) to customize the colors of the theme from the app dashboard, on Strimm.

  6. Capability for the app owner (you) to change the order/position of the channels in the app at any time. 

  7. Capability for the viewer to easily switch between channels.

  8. Capability for the viewer to add any channel to the “Favorites”.

  9. Capability for the viewer to get information about the current and the future shows by simply clicking on them.

  10. Capability for the viewer to search for the channels and currently broadcasting shows by the keyword or a category

  11. Show your logo & information about your company in the ABOUT section for a brand awareness.

  12. Monetize each channel by injecting video commercials as pre-rolls or mid-rolls through your own VAST tag URL. Keep 100% of the revenue!


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Please keep in mind that you need to have your own, active Amazon Developers accounts (with all membership fees being paid directly to the stores), in order to use a Strimm Fire TV app.

Based on your account profile, your niche market and your app  description, the app has to go thru a review and acceptance of the Amazon Developers review team in order to get published.

Note: Your Amazon Developers Account must be under an ORGANIZATION (not an "individual" account). 



(The subscription is located on the bottom of the PRICING page, in the ADD-ON section)

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